Our union advocates for a more just and equitable work environment for all healthcare workers. We’re organizing for a new economic AND social contract to improve our working environments and patient care. 



Stanford insults us with their economic response

During our 6/29 bargaining session, Stanford representatives finally delivered their counter-proposals to our economic package, telling us bargaining is about “meeting in the middle. If that is true, why do their economic counter-proposals, supposedly the result of extensive market research and due diligence, include cuts to our benefits? Here’s what happened: After giving us a… Read More »Stanford insults us with their economic response

What’s a unity break?

What: A unity break is where we stand in solidarity with not only our fellow housestaff, but other healthcare workers and community/political allies. A unity break is not a strike or work stoppage.  Why: As a union, our strength comes from collective action and solidarity. A unity break is a strategic way to address and bring… Read More »What’s a unity break?