Contract ratified!

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We did it! Stanford housestaff have overwhelmingly voted to ratify our historic first union contract! With the majority of members voting, 99.7% voted YES! See the draft of the full contract here.



  • 21% increase in total compensation over the next three years – interns starting in 2025 will be making six figures!
  • App-based rideshare services for when housestaff are too tired to drive
  • Maintenance of departmental benefits
  • Official grievance and arbitration procedure for contract violations

Next steps:

  • Join our VICTORY party on January 19, 7 PM at Dutch Goose! RSVP here.
  • Think about who will be your department representative, as well as national CIR delegates!


Q: Awesome! When do I start to see the money in my paycheck?

A: The retroactive pay for 2023-2024 will appear on the Jan 12, 2024 paycheck including:

  • 5% salary increase retroactive to Sept 3, 2023
  • 1% ratification bonus (of base salary)
  • $2000 meal stipend for 2023-2024 (for future years, will be on July paycheck)
  • Monthly housing allowance will increase from $600 to $833

You can view this on Workday -> Profile -> Compensation -> Pay Change History

Q: My program only gave me 3 weeks of vacation this year/did not grant the ‘1 week educational leave’ as a vacation week. Does this mean I will get an extra week before the 2023-2024 year ends?

A: (1/12/2024) Yes, the four weeks of vacation should apply to 2023-2024 – reach out to your program leadership. PDs will be having town halls with GME to get more information about this. The new language means that everyone gets 4 weeks of vacation, and that 1 week of those 4 MAY be used for education/conferences.

Q: When can I start using the rideshare services to/from sites when too tired to drive?

A: That should be active as of January 2024 – please contact if having issues using this.

Q: When does the increased $20k lifetime fertility benefit (used to be $10k lifetime) go into place/start being reflected on our insurance benefits?

A: (1/4/2024) – this may take a few pay periods to implement, we have reached out to HR to clarify the timing.


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