What have other unions won?

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$12k-13k/year housing stipends, COVID impact pay, 8 weeks paid parental leave, $2M patient care funds, and more – check out some of the previous union contract wins from CIR-affiliated programs across the country. If you’re asking, “why should we ask for more” – read on to see how our salaries actually compare to those of our peers when adjusted for cost of living.

See how our salary compares to other institutions when adjusted for cost of living:

Our PGY-1 salaries place us in the ‘low-income’ category for Santa Clara County (< $82k), even when including our housing stipend. Make your own comparisons with the Economic Policy Institute Calculator.

Adjusted for cost of living, Stanford's stipend is $20k less than that of peer institutions.

Cost of living in San Jose vs San Mateo vs LA

Cost of living in San Jose vs Baltimore vs New Haven

See what other CIR housestaff unions have won:

UCSF’s 2023 contract:

Salary increase for UCSF 2022-2023 contract

6/5/5% salary increases over the next 3 years
Meal allowance increase from $250 to $300/month
Doubled paid parental leave from 4 to 8 weeks
Paid orientation
and more

2020-2021 CIR highlights:

See the changes that UCLA negotiated in their first contract:

Side by side comparisons of UCLA benefits before and after their first CIR union contract