Residents and fellows at Stanford are organizing to create a more just and equitable work environment. Housestaff need a voice at the table to protect each other, advocate for our wellbeing, and provide better care for our community. We seek to negotiate not only a new economic contract but a new social contract with the hospital, to achieve the following:

  1. Better working conditions & compensation
    • Housestaff have supported Stanford through the 500P expansion and COVID pandemic without a meaningful improvement in our working conditions or compensation, even as our workload and cost of living continue to rise. 
  2. Essential representation
    • Housestaff are vulnerable and often have no say in the decisions that affect us (see: vaccine rollout). Current channels for housestaff voice are muted by obstructionist policies. Stanford has shown us that there is no meaningful change without our collective action.
  3. Empower our programs
    • Housestaff and our program leadership share a mission to create the best training environments in the country.
  4. Equity and justice for our community
    • Stanford has an obligation to serve its community. We intend to work with the hospital to ensure that patients do not receive differential access to care based on their resources and social capital.

Stanford housestaff unite with other healthcare workers (CRONA, UHW) to uphold Stanford’s mission of excellence and role on the leading edge of physician well-being.