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On February 22, 2022, we petitioned Stanford Health Care for voluntary recognition of a housestaff union, with supermajority support from all residents and fellows signed up on cards. On May 2, 2022, we officially won our union election! We are currently bargaining for our first contract. Our union is only as strong as the engagement from all housestaff – please subscribe to our emails to receive updates. Let us know what you’re thinking and if you’d like to take a bigger part in our union moving forward! You can reach out to any of your housestaff representatives (listed below) or submit comments through this form.

Learn more about and join our bargaining and contract action teams here!

Please also use this form to ask any questions/submit new FAQs. If you have union-busting activity to report, please use this other form!

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We are your housestaff organizers!

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GME Committee Resident Representatives
Grant Lin, Child Neuro PGY-3
Ram Rao, Pediatric Hem/Onc Fellow

Hannah Rasmussen, PGY-2
Bryan Huebner, PGY-3
Abby Wang, PGY-3

Child Neurology
Brad Segal, PGY-5
Grant Lin, PGY-3
Ria Pal, PGY-5

Emergency Medicine
Katie Lebold, PGY-3
Tate Higgins, PGY-3
Bryan Cortez, PGY-1
Monica Sheridan, PGY-2  
Erin Ruiz, PGY-3 

Zoe Fullerton, PGY-3
George Liu, PGY-4

Family Medicine
Bright Zhou, PGY-2

General Surgery
Jaclyn Wu, PGY-4

Internal Medicine
Catherine Le, PGY-1
Nicole Thomason, PGY-2
Megan Garland, PGY-2 (IM/Anesthesia)
Philip Sossenheimer, PGY-3
Emily Chu, PGY-1
Cory Sejo, PGY-3
Nancy Liu, PGY-3

Medical Genetics
Annie Niehaus, PGY-3

Meaghan Roy O’Reilly, PGY-3
Manny Dilts-Garcha, Epilepsy fellow

Simran Kaur, PGY-4
Farsam Fraz, PGY-2

Alec Bernard, PGY-1

Nivaz Brar, PGY-3
Cooper Rutland, PGY-2

Eva Archer, PGY-3
Dippy Bhattacharya, ICU Fellow
Lindsey Daudt Daon, Academic Peds Fellow
Hanh Nguyen, PGY-1
Sumana Rallapalli, PGY-1
Natasha Abadilla, PGY-2
Catherine Raney, PGY-2
Jackson Toth, PGY-2
Ram Rao, Hem/Onc Fellow

Savannah Truehart, PGY-3

David Dupee, PGY-2
Kelsey Priest, PGY-2

Diana Ko, PGY-2
Jen Padwal,  PGY-4
Drew Campion, PGY-5
Florence Doo, Fellow

Zachary Kornberg, PGY-4
Nikola Teslovich, PGY-4
Jessie Ge, PGY-5

Contact our CIR staff organizers:
Luisa Padilla (lpadilla at