Could we really end up with less?

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Only if we all voted on a contract that gave us less…employers often emphasize that with contract negotiations we could end up with more, or less.

  • “Did you know, that when a union enters negotiations, our wages could go up? Or they could go down.”
  • “Wait my wages could go up?”
  • “Or they could go down…”
  • “But realistically it’ll probably go up, right?”
  • “Or they could go down…”


But seriously, any contract we negotiate has to be voted on by union members to be approved. We wouldn’t vote to approve a contract that gave us less, and wouldn’t approve a contract that didn’t at least give us back at least the cost of dues in additional benefits!

  • It is illegal for an employer to take away benefits in retaliation for unionization. Once a union petition is filed, our working conditions are ‘frozen’ as the floor – meaning you will not be working without a contract, and they cannot take away things like our health insurance which are already in our contract. 




How much does a union cost? Do I have to pay dues?

Feb 28, 2022

No one pays dues until the union membership has voted to ratify a contract. Resident unions have never ratified a contract with benefits that do not outweigh the cost of dues. CIR dues are 1.6% of base pay and are used to support the infrastructure of collective bargaining (e.g. pay for things like contract negotiations,… Read More »How much does a union cost? Do I have to pay dues?