Wait, what’s happening with this election?

  • FAQ

On 2/22/2022, we demanded voluntary recognition of our union with supermajority (>65%) support (nearly 1000 people signed cards indicating support!)

  • Stanford denied this request, so on 2/24/2022 we filed for an election with the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)
  • The election is completely confidential (no one will know your vote)
  • The election is won by a simple majority vote (50% + 1) – please turn out to vote!!!
  • This election is to win recognition of our union, since Stanford denied recognition based on our cards alone
    • You are not voting on any contract negotiations in this election!
  • Ballots are mailed out 3/31 and must be received by the NLRB office by 5 PM on 4/28.
    • Make sure to follow the guidelines below – ballots filled out incorrectly will be thrown out!

Instructions on how to return the CIR election ballot

What happens after the election?

  • After winning an election, our union is legally recognized and we begin negotiations with the employer.
  • This could be a long process and has taken up to 1-1.5 years for other housestaff unions. It depends on how difficult the employer is to negotiate with, and how hard we are willing to fight for a good contract. If the employer is bargaining in good faith, it does not need to be a long, drawn-out process.
  • Our regular contract remains in place while we are in negotiations and is the ‘floor’ – you will not be working without a contract, and you cannot lose health insurance or any other items that are already in our current contract – this would be illegal retaliation for union activity
  • And by the way, no one pays dues until we vote to ratify a contract!