What is a housestaff union?

  • FAQ
  • A union is a group of workers who use their collective strength/voice to bargain for better working conditions. A union gives us more power and leverage to effect changes on everything we want—from better pay and benefits to improving patient care and more—than we would have if we negotiate as individuals.
  • What is CIR?
    • The Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) is the largest resident union in the US, representing over 20,000 housestaff. CIR has over 60 chapters throughout the country and represents over a majority of housestaff in California including all housestaff in the UC system (e.g. UCSF, UCLA, UCI), Santa Clara Valley, Highland Hospital, and more. Given their expertise, we (the housestaff organizers) reached out to CIR for support/guidance in our effort to empower the Stanford housestaff voice.
    • Is CIR a third party? (no)