Amplifying our housestaff voice

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To our fellow housestaff,

The drip-drip-drip of misleading information continues, and more than ever we need your help amplifying the housestaff voice. Our voice continues to be muffled because we’re unable to use the Stanford listservs (and GME moderates the replies anyways), so we rely on the engagement of all supporters to make our presence felt. This week’s email is all about how to get engaged and be ready to mobilize as our vote comes towards us.

Our ask of you this week is to help make sure your co-housestaff see this message. More info can be found on our website: 


Fun new information to share:


Other ways to stay in touch:

  • We are reviving the WhatsApp that helped organize the vaccine roll-out. We’ll use this to coordinate information distribution and collective actions – buttons, stickers, solidarity pictures, and maybe even another fun demonstration if needed. We also do not want this to turn into an echo chamber – everyone is encouraged to share their concerns and make sure that our mission is aligned with your mission.

  • Add to your contacts list. Without access to the Stanford listservs, we’re relying on these emails – but they’re landing in spam. You can also text the link to this email to all of your listserv friends.

  • Send us feedback on what you’re hearing, what you hope we’ll do, or anything. We can’t do this without input from everyone.


We’re thrilled to be here, but we’re just getting started. The continued attempts to present flawed information to dissuade us is only serving to galvanize our resolve, and we hope we’ve helped point out the anti-union tactics. There’s so much more to come, and we can’t wait to show just how impactful our voice can be when we use it all as one.


In solidarity,

Your Stanford Housestaff Union Organizing Committee


(email sent to housestaff 3/11/2022)