How do I attend the bargaining meetings?

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Bargaining sessions are currently occurring every other Thursday, alternating between day (12PM – 3PM) and evening (5PM – 8PM). Import our shared calendar here.

To get the Zoom link, search your non-work email for an email sent by ‘Stanford Housestaff Union’. The Zoom link may be different for each session.

Why should I join?

Besides getting to provide input on your contract and hear management’s response to our proposals first-hand: there really is strength in numbers. It’s harder for management to blow us off and play games if they know there are eyes on them.

Bargaining session structure:

  • Main session. SHC and our bargaining team meet together to discuss contract articles. Our CIR lead negotiator presents our union contract proposals, with bargaining team (BT) members providing housestaff testimony. SHC will respond with their counters to our proposals.
    • The chat function will be disabled during this part. We will discuss as a group during caucus.
  • Caucus. Each side breaks off for separate internal discussion about how to respond to proposals and counters. We want all housestaff in attendance to participate, but only union members will be allotted voting privileges on any matters we bring up. So remember to sign your membership card and you’ll be given a chance to sign during the actual meeting session. (FAQs here).
  • Regroup. Both sides rejoin the main session to finalize discussions.
  • Union debrief. Stay on after the meeting ends to discuss and plan our next steps!

At the sessions:



  • Live tweet bargaining proceedings (this was a specific term of negotiation, sorry)
  • Come off mute during the main session unless you are a part of the BT with a prepared statement (again – part of SHC’s stipulations).
    • If you want to join the BT: Contact your housestaff organizers or your CIR/SEIU organizer, Luisa Padilla (lpadilla at
    • Violating the ‘ground rules’ of negotiation can actually get our union in trouble, so please be mindful!