First bargaining meeting – responses from management

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It’s helpful to know that surgeries happen in the morning…”

Your bargaining team met with SHC management on November 17th for our first negotiation session.

We opened this session with our vision for a new social and economic contract. With patient care and housestaff recruitment top of mind, we highlighted that both housestaff and SHC a shared interest in creating a contract that would attract the best applicants, increase diversity in our programs, and allow current housestaff to thrive.

This first session covered standard initial boilerplate proposals around items like anti-discrimination, malpractice insurance, and language allowing our bargaining unit to freely become members of their union. We made it clear that management’s current request for daytime meetings is disruptive to housestaff workflow and patient care. We were explicit in prioritizing evening meetings that are open to all housestaff in order to maximize housestaff participation and minimize scheduling burdens.

Despite this, SHC responded by scheduling the next meeting at 1 PM, and said management can’t meet in the evening ‘because they need to see their families’. We don’t need to belabor how insulting this response is. If management doesn’t understand what our work looks like, let’s show them.

Take action!

  1. Submit comments with what you’re doing at 1 PM and what you’ve missed due to work.
  2. Share this flyer (PDF) with your colleagues.


Who are we bargaining with?

SHC management includes: Ann Dohn (GME), Larry Katznelson (GME), Aaron Agenbroad and Justin Martin (Jones Day lawyers), Mary Gaines (SHC HR), April Madison-Ramsey (Stanford University lawyer)

Your bargaining team: residents and fellows listed here, CIR staff organizer-extraordinaire Rhea Manglani, and David Dashefsky, CIR’s chief negotiator and director of strategic campaigns.