Tentative agreement reached!

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After our federal mediation session on 12/6, your bargaining team is excited to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with SHC management at the bargaining table.

What is a tentative agreement?

A tentative agreement (TA) is a proposed collective bargaining agreement that has not yet been ratified (approved) by a union vote. Our union will hold a ratification vote, and if a majority vote “yes”, then this tentative agreement will become our official collective bargaining agreement.  To vote on ratification, you must be a member! Join here and read the FAQs here.

What’s in the tentative agreement?

Our wins include:
  • A 21% increase in compensation (!!!) over the three years of the contract. This includes:
    • Year 1 – 5% raise, $2800 increase to housing stipend ($7,200 -> $10,000), $2,000 meal stipend
    • Year 2 – 5% raise
    • Year 3 – 3% raise, $2000 increase to housing stipend ($10,000 -> $12,000)
  • Ratification bonus + retroactive pay of ~$3,000 total (one-time check in early 2024)
  • Chief residents: additional $200/month
  • Fully-funded rideshare services for fatigue management 
  • Maintenance of essential departmental benefits (current residents are grandfathered in)
  • Fertility benefits: increase from $10,000 to $20,000 lifetime benefits
  • Parental leave: increase from 5 days paid leave to 6 weeks paid leave (with PFL) for non-pregnant parent
  • $50,000 annual stipend for a resident wellness committee
  • Grievance and arbitration process
  • and more
  • (Our healthcare benefits are preserved!)
This means that a PGY1 starting here in 2025 will be earning SIX FIGURES! Even AFTER union dues.

Total compensation* after union dues: 2023-2025

  Current At ratification Sept 2024 Sept 2025
PGY-1 $84,227 $91,324 $95,641 $100,328
PGY-2 $87,971 $95,193 $99,702 $104,511
PGY-3  $93,858 $101,275 $106,088 $111,089
PGY-4 $98,600 $106,174 $111,233 $116,388
PGY-5 $104,154 $111.,912 $117,258 $122,594
PGY-6 $108,293 $116,189 $121,748 $127,219
PGY-7 $113,805 $121,884 $127,728 $133,378
PGY-8 $118,526 $126,762 $132,654 $138,654

*includes housing (bundled into base salary), meal stipend, cell phone allowance, educational stipends, less union dues (1.6% of base salary before stipends)

What happens next?
Union members vote on ratification. This is an excellent first contract, and your bargaining team encourage a ‘yes’ vote (again – you must be a member to vote!)
In three years, we will bargain again for a new contract! Stay involved with your union and build it strong so that we can continue to fight for the working conditions that we and our patients deserve.

Become a member

Voting times and locations

Time Location
Thurs, Dec 14

12-3 PM, 5-7 PM

H1510-M, 300P

(on the 1st floor of 300P in the collaborative work space, across from the F1 patient care area)

Fri, Dec 15

7-9 AM, 12-2 PM, 5-7 PM

M648, 500P

(conference room in main hallway next to M6)

Sat, Dec 16 and Sun, Dec 17 If you have not voted by Friday, a unique personalized link to vote will be emailed to you.
Mon, Dec 18

7-9 AM, 12-2 PM, 5-7 PM

H1510-M, 300P

Tue, Dec 19

7-9 AM, 12-2 PM, 5-7 PM

M648, 500P