First bargaining session – November 17

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It’s been two months since we requested to start bargaining meetings with SHC, with the goal of having open and transparent bargaining sessions in the evenings, when all residents can attend and hear what we are fighting for. In the back-and-forth since then, SHC has 1) refused to meet in the evenings, citing ‘concern’ for our wellbeing to have meetings ‘after-hours’ (seriously…) and 2) would only approve time off during the day to attend these bargaining meetings for 15 members. 

While it’s clear that SHC is trying to delay bargaining and drag this process out as long as possible, we needed to at least get the process started and have agreed to meet on November 17th at 9am. We’re going to keep fighting for accessible and transparent bargaining sessions that won’t interrupt patient care or burden our colleagues. Stanford wants us to get frustrated, burn out, and give up. It is important that we set a tone at this meeting that we won’t back down until we’re treated with respect and have a fair contract – so in the week leading up to the meeting, we want to make sure you’re informed and show SHC that you stand with your bargaining team.

Bargaining Kick-off Spirit Week

Get to know your bargaining team and show your union pride! We’re having a “Spirit Week” where you can talk to  your bargaining team and CIR union representative, get clarity on this first session, and get some union gear:

  1. Tuesday November 15th: A virtual town hall 7pm-8pm; zoom registration here
  2. Wednesday November 16th: Tabling by the coffee truck (with free coffee) in front of the 300p fountain from 12pm-1pm
  3. Thursday November 17th: Tabling by the coffee truck (with free coffee) in front of the 300p fountain from 12pm-1pm – debrief on the bargaining session!

During this spirit week please:

  1. Sign your membership card ( and help get people in your department signed up (remember: the card you signed last year is not a membership card). This is how we can demonstrate strength in numbers to SHC – the more members we have, the less likely SHC will feel that they can keep getting away with their stall tactics and games.
  2. Wear purple/CIR gear all week (you can pick up lanyards and pins at the tabling events)

We want this to be a collaborative process between SHC and housestaff to create a contract that we’re both proud of, that helps SHC recruit great applicants and helps current housestaff to thrive. SHC needs to feel the pressure that not just the bargaining team is watching, but that all housestaff are. So please, support your bargaining team by signing up for membership and being willing to step up when visibility is needed. 

A reminder of the importance of strength in numbers…

“It’s just one ant…”

“You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us 100 to 1”

Other news

Housestaff at Montefiore Medical Center demand that CIR be recognized as their union! CIR was founded in 1957 by housestaff at NYC public hospitals, and now more than 1,200 of our colleagues at Montefiore in the Bronx have announced they’re joining CIR. They’re at the same step we were in February of this year, and just like SHC, Montefiore Medical Center has refused to voluntarily recognize their union. As they head into their union election, show your solidarity and support – follow @cirseiu for updates and use #MonteIsUnionYes to share their fight on social media!

The Valley Physician’s Group (SCVMC attendings) averted striking and are currently voting on ratifying their contract. More details will emerge after their ratification vote.