Join our bargaining and contract action teams!

We won our election, but the most important, and most difficult, part of this process still lies ahead! In order to turn this decisive victory into a new economic and social contract that will improve our working conditions and give us a voice to advocate for better patient care, we will need to continue to show the level of solidarity that we did leading up to the election.

Join the bargaining team (focused on bargaining and strategy) or contract action team (focused on communication and engagement). We need people from all departments, residents and fellows, to get involved!

Sign up for the BT or CAT here!

Bargaining and contract action team details

If you want to be on the BT, have at least 5 other people submit your name in nomination (same form). If you want to be on the CAT, just sign up! 

While the time commitments above are the base ask, we understand people will have varying levels of availability depending on which rotation they’re on. Our goal is to structure our teams such that we can maintain focus and momentum throughout negotiations, while also encouraging folks to prioritize self-care and ask for help/take a step back to avoid over-extending themselves.

See our Stanford 6.1.22 Town Hall slides and minutes for more details.