Fill out your bargaining survey by August 12!

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What do you want included in your first union contract? Let us know by filling out the bargaining survey [] created by your co-residents and fellows on the Bargaining Team. Our initial contract proposals will be based on the results of this survey. The survey will be deidentified by staff such that no residents (or Stanford) will have access to individual responses. The sooner we get everyone’s responses, the sooner we can get to the table and get a contract – fill out the survey by August 12th!

This will be your opportunity to voice your priorities for bargaining (check out topics we’ve heard about from you during our unionization campaign, and what other housestaff unions have won). It is important that we have a good response rate to make sure we’re adequately representing the broad interests of our housestaff and make a strong case during negotiations. We won our union with the collective voice of residents and fellows across all of the programs, and we will need your voices again to make sure Stanford bargains fairly and expediently as we fight for a better economic and social contract. We need to stand together with solidarity and conviction, and show Stanford that we cannot be intimidated or exhausted into settling for less than we deserve.

To be clear, union-busting didn’t end with our election win – we have already seen SHC implement disingenuous interpretations of “status quo” as an excuse to deny us improvements in working conditions, and impede our ability to communicate with new housestaff. Contract negotiations are where we will exercise our true power as a union, and SHC is understandably afraid: