Stanford insults us with their economic response

During our 6/29 bargaining session, Stanford representatives finally delivered their counter-proposals to our economic package, telling us bargaining is about “meeting in the middle.

If that is true, why do their economic counter-proposals, supposedly the result of extensive market research and due diligence, include cuts to our benefits?

Here’s what happened:

After giving us a long presentation about how much better Stanford’s residency programs are compared others in CA, management proposed the following terms:

  • NO change to our COLA (cost-of-living adjustment): 3/3/3%, our current status quo
  • Reduced paid bereavement leave, from 5 to 3 days
  • NO compensation for jeopardy coverage
  • Eliminating department-specific benefits in the name of “equity”

To call these proposals inadequate would be a gross understatement. Stanford’s apparent disregard for our wellbeing and the care we provide our patients is nothing less than insulting and outrageous.

Residents and fellows work 80+ hour weeks, and our bargaining team still makes the time to show up to every session and negotiate a fair contract that benefits everyone. It has never been more clear that Stanford does not share our commitment.

Two weeks before presenting us with their economics counter-proposals, management held a “strike readiness” training for residency program leaders across the institution. This is unacceptable brinkmanship. 

Stanford housestaff union - unity break on July 19 at 12 PM, at Welch and Pasteur, on a purple background.

Join our second Unity Break on July 19 at 12pm: lunch, snacks and swag will be provided!  Take a stand with us and tell Stanford that we won’t rest until we have a fair contract for both ourselves and our patients. (Read more at the FAQs here).

Our union grows in strength and numbers every day, and just as our colleagues at UCSF did last fall, we are going to win. Residents and fellows are absolutely essential to keep our hospitals and clinics running, and united, we are unstoppable.

Stanford Unity Break
Wednesday, July 19 at 12pm
Welch Road & Pasteur Drive