What does the bargaining process look like?

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What’s going on, what’s bargaining, and how does it work?

We won and certified our union in May 2022, and are currently gearing up to negotiate our first union contract. Bargaining is the name of that process where our bargaining team meets with management’s negotiation teams and runs through proposals to reach agreements on our salaries, benefits, and workplace policies. These negotiation sessions should be open for any housestaff to attend, but we did nominate and elect a bargaining team of residents and fellows across departments to represent our union. They’ll be working with our lead negotiator at CIR and will have the most active role at the table.

What are we bargaining for?

The bargaining team drafted proposals and strategies based on the bargaining survey that was sent out to all housestaff in July/August 2022. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the bargaining process!

How long is bargaining going to take?

We can’t make any promises as to how long it’ll take, but we’re working as hard as we can to start meeting with Stanford as soon as possible – we want to get this done well before this academic year ends, but to get there, we need help from everyone. Stanford will try to delay bargaining to wear us down, but if we all stay unified and participate in collective actions, it’ll discourage them from playing games. Keep an ear out for updates from your contract action team members on what we need to do to win this contract!

Can I get involved in bargaining?

Yep! Read more about what our bargaining and contract action teams look like, and reach out to see how you can get involved at any point in the process!